This blog was created to give me a place to vent and work out my anger, frustration, hurt and disbelief over my (then) boyfriend’s affair. It has since become a place for me to share my new journey of self-discovery and creativity.

In these pages, I hope to share with you not only my art (poetry, photography and, some day, photographic art) but also other people’s art and the resources (in the form of books, blogs, webpages); all of which is helping me find the right paths to take as I travel to my end destination — the realization of my true self and a fulfilling, happy life.

For now, this is who I am: a semi-pro (’cuz I don’t make a full-time living from it) photographer, a single mom and an aspiring gypsy. I’ve got a hint of granola, a touch of psychic and a lot o’ crazy in me. Wanna know more about me? Follow this blog, and we’ll find out together. 😉

Edited: Dec. 21, 2009
Originally written: Aug. 2, 2009

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