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The Dog Days Are Over June 22, 2011

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Three times in the past week someone has mentioned blogging to me. I had already been thinking about this blog which I’d neglected, put on hold, until I could decide what to do with it. I’ve been wondering whether I should resume writing this or starting a new one, or both. I figure that with three instances of “reminders,” the Universe was telling me to do something.

So, here it is. A small start to .. whatever this will become. This blog is called “Falling Upwards,” and I have fallen quite a distance over the past two years — higher in some areas of my life, lower in others. The only constant is change. In all areas of my life there has been change, which is always a positive thing.

I’ve titled most of my posts with song titles or phrases, most of which I woken up with in my head. I think there’s something to that… don’t know what exactly, but it must be telling that, this morning, “the dog days are over” keeps repeating in the back of my head. I guess with that in my mind, I continue to fall upwards.


2 Responses to “The Dog Days Are Over”

  1. Nancy Says:

    So funny. Ive been thinking about my neglected blog as well. I eagle up with songs in my had and I run to look at the lyrics because I know they are messages for me.
    I’m so glad your dog days are over!


    • frannymarie Says:

      Yes, I miss reading your blog, Nancy. I always accessed it through your Facebook. You are, and have always been, so inspirational and timely with your posts. I look forward to reading any future insights you may have. 🙂


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