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life is nothing left to chance November 20, 2009

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I’m re-reading Extraordinary Relationships, and in it, the author makes a distinction between “emotions” and “feelings.”

She writes:
Emotions are the intense reactivities, both physiological and mental, including the instincts, that are generated in the part of the brain humans share, anatomically and functionally, with the rest of the animal kingdom….They can sometimes be so strong they seem to carry with them life and death urgencies.

Somewhat distinct from emotions are ‘feelings,’ which are simply emotions that have come into awareness.

This morning I wrote into my journal (about this blog),
“I had put raw emotions into my blog. Does that continue? My emotions are no longer raw. They are clear. And, though the feelings surface every so often and want to spill out, I can see them now, before they do, and choose. I wonder if this is what God meant by ‘free will.'”

And, with that, my first poem that is not attached to those raw (often negative) emotions…


Emotions rolling, roiling, coiled
striking out in directions beyond me
uncontained, unbidden, unbound

Feelings observed, noted, pondered
pulled in, reigned, sorted
gently acknowledged and released

with care
with compassion
with free will.

(end poem)
btw, the subject line comes from this Rush song, “Free Will.”


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