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The Power of Words August 3, 2009

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So in those first few days of rage and hurt, I asked the bf “what about her was so appealing to you?” (apparently, this is a common question from the “Betrayed”)
There were a lot of things, I was told, but one thing was the “words,” the flirtation they engaged upon. And, since she is also a singer-songwriter, he “admired” her use of words.
Well, that pissed me the hell off! For more reasons than I’ll get into right now.

Being the vindictive, or just, person I am (it can be seen either way, I think), I demanded that he write me a poem everyday. because, really.. if he was gonna write Her those lovely emails (yes, I demanded to see those, too), then he would need to give me as many beautiful words.

Kinda backfired on me.
He wrote me a few poems all right, but not about me or our love or anything having to do with us.
He wrote about himself and his situation. Well, screw it!

That’s ok, ‘cuz I may not be a singer-songwriter musician goddess like She, but I’m not bad with words either.
In fact, I think (and told him so) that her lyrics are trite (ok.. that’s not totally true. maybe two songs are rather clever. I am fair, after all). And, my words can be equally appealing.
So, I wrote poetry back. One response for each one he wrote me.

And, actually, it’s become rather cathartic. He only wrote a few, but I’m continuing to write more, as the mood strikes me.

Here’s one I wrote early on, about a week after I found out about the affair.
I know everyone’s got their own understanding of what’s good poetry. whatever. It is what it is..

I Wait

i sit
at the edge
of a cold abyss

i wait
dangling my toes

i breathe
stale air
to stay alive

i sit
at the edge
of a deep, dark pool

i wait
dangling my toes

i touch
cold water
to stay aware

i sit
at the edge
of a mountain top

i wait
dangling my toes

i smell
burnt trees
to remember

i stand
at the edge
and jump

i wait
no longer

i free
of everything


2 Responses to “The Power of Words”

  1. Adam Jacot de Boinod Says:

    Dear Frannymarie

    I wondered if you might like a mutual link to my English word website or press release details of my ensuing book with Penguin Press on amusing and interesting English vocabulary?


    with best wishes

    Adam Jacot de Boinod

    (author of The Meaning of Tingo)



    or wish to include:

    The Wonder of Whiffling is a tour of English around the globe (with fine coinages from our English-speaking cousins across the pond, Down Under and elsewhere).

    Discover all sorts of words you’ve always wished existed but never knew, such as fornale, to spend one’s money before it has been earned; cagg, a solemn vow or resolution not to get drunk for a certain time; and petrichor, the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell.

    Discover why it is you wouldn’t want to have dinner with a vice admiral of the narrow seas, why Jacobites toasted the little gentleman in black velvet, and why a Nottingham Goodnight is better than one from anywhere else


    • frannymarie Says:

      Dear Mr. Jacot de Boinod,

      I previously replied to your comment, but I think my reply may have been lost in cyberspace.

      I would be happy to have a mutual link to your website. However, I think you may want to look at my blog again, as it is about recovering from infidelity. I am not sure how the two blogs related

      If you are still interested in a mutual link, I would be honored.

      Thank you,


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